Wednesday, May 7, 2008


This is a cool clip of the swinging London go-go scene of the mid-60s from Antonioni's "Blow-up." Carnaby Street fashions, mod birds in mini-skirts, cool rock music, and Thomas, played by David Hemmings, loosely based on mod photographer David Bailey, racing around London in a sports car convertible trying to solve a murder he thinks he's accidentally photographed in a park.
What more could you ask for? How about The Yardbirds, featuring Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page? They're the uncredited pop group in this scene. Groovy, baby. By the way, I love the chick with the striped pants. Meet you at the discotheque.


expatbrian said...

OMG. It's too painful to watch the whole thing. The zombies in Night of the Living Dead were more enthusiastic than this crowd. I assume the director was trying to show us how stoned out everyone was, but I've been to plenty of concerts full of stoners and with a good band, you can't stand still. Oh well. I remember seeing this movie decades ago and I remember I liked it. I just don't remember why.

Bob Rini said...

The band is great, but you're right about the crowd. I think they're trying to act cool and sophisticated. Maybe it's that British reserve. It was still a couple years from total wigged-out madness, so maybe they could use a good freaking out. Still, I think this movie belongs in a time capsule. I half expect the Beatles to pop in, but more likely it would be Austin Powers. The crowd would probably still act like a glacier.