Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Leo Kottke is a master of the acoustic guitar who plays a unique, idiosyncratic, syncopated, finger-picking style that boggles the mind. John Fahey signed him to his label, Takoma Records, and there is a similarity in their styles, which some call American Primitivism. Primitive, perhaps, but bright as a new penny.

An affable, self-deprecating man who once compared his voice to the sound of a gaseous goose, Kottke can knock a buzzard off a shitwagon with the sheer beauty of his playing. His voice is a foghorn, but helpful in a storm. Listen. Play this song early in the morning or late at night. Learn it by heart. Sing it to yourself some cloudy day. Hear the wind howl.

For extra credit, listen to Greenhouse (1972) or 6- and 12- String Guitar (1969).


expatbrian said...

wow. never even heard of this guy. definitely gonna want to hear more.

Bob Rini said...

He's such a great guitar player -- you definitely have to check him out. There is a two disc set of his best work available. My favorite record of his is probably "Greenhouse."