Monday, May 12, 2008


Brian Wilson, leader of the Beach Boys, in a 1966 rehearsal of "Surf's Up" from the aborted "Smile." album. The album was put on hold for decades, as the troubled songwriter battled mental illness, combined with drugs, and lived as a recluse.

"Smile" was intended to be a follow-up to the brilliant "Pet Sounds" but Wilson didn't finally piece it together until 2004, 37 years after its inception. During the break, the album became a mythical to fans, the great lost album, the teenage symphony to God. Pieces emerged, in truncated form, on "Smiley Smile" (a bunt instead of a slam) which included the huge hit "Good Vibrations," and various bootlegs circulated with a reconstructed "Smile." Finally, in 2004, "Smile" received an official release (with new takes) was issued. After decades away, Brian returned from the past like Rip van Wilson, a little shaky, but finally facing the music.

In 1976, SNL stars Belushi and Ackyrod take Brian Wilson surfing.

The Beach Boys on "Ready, Steady, Go!" in 1964.


Anonymous said...

Bob, I don't usually hawk my site, but I think you might enjoy this post and this performance.

Anonymous said...

And BTW, the SNL vid is a classic. Thanks for that.

Bob Rini said...

Brian, that's a great clip of the Beau Brummels. I always liked that group. And those dancers! Maybe it's inevitable that dancers look foolish after so many years. I don't know what those moves are, but they look ridiculous!