Saturday, May 31, 2008


Rodrigo Sanchez and Gabriela Quintero met as teenagers at La Casa de Cultura (House of Culture) in Mexico City. For a long time they played rough clubs at night, and worked day jobs -- Gabriela taught Metallica licks to kids, and Rodrigo worked at a TV station -- and somehow found time to rehearse five hours a day. They finally traveled to Europe and busked for change in Copenhagen, Barcelona, and sub-zero Denmark. They didn't really take off until Dublin, where the fast-picking Mexicans squeezed aside the usual pop music warhorses and topped the charts, earning a well-deserved international following. According to a friend who saw them a couple days ago, they were the best musicians at Sasquatch Music Festival on the Columbia Gorge.

This song is called "Diablo Rojo" (Red Devil).

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Anonymous said...

Actually, that's not "Diablo Rojo". It's "Tamacun" (they both are on their "Live in Japan" CD). The title of the song actually appears in the first few seconds of the clip.