Friday, May 30, 2008


A message of peace and love from Mr. James Hendrix. After Expatbrian mentioned so many great sixties heroes passing in his comments (all coincidentally with names starting with the letter "J") I had to play some Jimi, and this bluesy exploration from the historic Woodstock performance fits the bill. Imagine plenty of mud, and people for miles on Max Yasgur's farm. The New York State Thruway is closed. It's 1969, and you leave Nixon and Vietnam and the Moon Landing behind for "three days of peace and music." It doesn't get any better than this blues improvisation from Jimi Hendrix.

"With the power of soul anything is possible."


expatbrian said...

Hey Bob, thanks for the link. I just returned the favor at my place and over at The Impolitic.

Bob Rini said...

Thanks! Watching this clip of Hendrix, I wonder what he'd be playing now had he lived. He was such an innovator, I'm sure it would have been pretty amazing.

Anonymous said...

Hendrix is da bomb