Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Bill O'Reilly is an ass. That's not exactly a secret. The right wing blowhard has a total meltdown, and rants and raves like a tiny dictator. Who could possibly defend this guy?

Stephen Colbert, that's who. Colbert defends his hero in this hilarious segment of the Colbert Report.


Anonymous said...

Colbert is my hero. O'Riley is a complete idiot but many people fall for his act.

Bob Rini said...

I agree. Some people must identify with O'Reilly and his ilk -- the angry white neo-con -- but I think people are catching on. The neo-cons took the country for a ride for their own profit and power, and it's painfully obvious by now to even the slow learners. The war, the economy, the environment -- they haven't done anything right, as far as I can tell.

Colbert gets to the heart of it, with more intelligence, wit and charm than the old crank could ever muster.