Saturday, May 24, 2008


In case you've been living in a cave, an old hero has returned for thrills, spills, and cliff-hanging adventure! Of course, I mean Captain America. Oh, and there's Indiana Jones, too. It probably won't live up to the earlier episodes, but I can't wait to see Indiana Jones and the Big Scary Skull Head, or whatever it's called. Sounds like a good popcorn movie. I'll be there with my 55-gallon drum of corn and my keg of Diet Pepsi, hooting and hollering with the rest of America!

Speaking of popcorn, here's another great American hero of yesteryear who's a little worse for wear, but still willing to pull on a ludicrous costume and fight the good fight. Close calls and tight scrapes are bread and butter for this guy. Here he is, from the world of the old serials that inspired Indiana Jones in the first place, "The Return of Captain America!" It's hilarious!


Anonymous said...

Just saw the new Indiana Jones and it was fun but not as good as the first one -- IMO the best.

expatbrian said...

unbelievable clip. I love this old stuff.