Tuesday, May 13, 2008


A 7.8-magnitude earthquake rocked southwestern China on Monday afternoon (12 May), killing more than 12, 000 people (so far) and burying tens of thousands more. Survivors need food, shelter, and clean water, and relief workers are scrambling to help.

Saturday, May 3, a cyclone tore through Myanmar (formerly Burma) leaving a death toll of 30,000 (so far) and another 1 million displaced. To make matters worse, the repressive junta has tightly restricted aid. The public health of 1.5 million is now at stake.

It's impossible. We can't comprehend it, feel it, especially while sitting in a nice warm home in the Comfort Zone. A flash on the TV, a sound bite, and we're suddenly on to something else.

Oxfam International, the world relief organization, stays behind after the news cycle has moved on. Oxfam has allocated $1.55 million for emergency relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction for China. They've allocated $1.8 million for Myanmar. According to their website, "Oxfam currently does not run operational programs in Myanmar. Our aid effort will be channeled through partner organizations with a mixture of cash funding, technical expertise and equipment where required."

Along with their humanitarian efforts, Oxfam also offers us a way to help: OXFAM INTERNATIONAL To make a contribution to your nearest Oxfam affiliate, click HERE.

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