Thursday, May 29, 2008


Set the Wayback Machine for the last day of school! You cleaned your locker, the bell rang, and you walked into three months of root beer Popsicles, riding bikes, playing paddle pool at Indian Park, listening to transistor radios ("home of the KISN Good Guys!"), and going to the movies! You'd pay your money (fifty cents for under twelve) , buy Flicks at the candy counter (a metallic cylinder of Hershey's-type kisses) and slip through heavy velvet drapes for a cheap-o kid exploitation Hollywood crapola movie like this. With any luck, the girl you had a crush on from school (remember her?) would be there with her girlfriends and you'd sit behind them and throw peanuts at them. Then you'd try to act cool. Your senses were wide open. You were lucky to be alive in the Golden Age of the Great American Experiment. Anyway, this movie would be playing.


Anonymous said...

God. I've visited your site so often that after reading the buildup I knew it was going to be Annette and Frankie.

But no Flicks up in my neck of the woods. Milk Duds was the Bay Area matinee fare.

Bob Rini said...

Milk Duds were good, too. And Raisinets will always be movie snacks to me, even though you can buy them in stores now. Back then, the only place we saw them was the snack bar at the movie house.