Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Summer means going to the beach. It always has. Sand and sea and salt water taffy and driftwood campfires and hot dogs and The Beatles. Check out this faded old bubblegum card back when they were fab. This was a typical beach photo-op romp in silly striped suits. The lads were always about fun, and they were a big part of summertime when you listened to them on cheapo transistor radios outside in the sunshine. Maybe at the beach, if you were lucky. Sure, the Beach Boys made a career out of the beach, but these pallid Liverpudlians also enjoyed a good beach trip.

They always did. Later, when they were hipper, and they had started to write more personal songs, their zany beach antics continued. The songs they strummed around the campfire were getting deeper, and they were adding dimensions that would expand even further on "Rubber Soul" and "Revolver," but they could still have a good time. This tune is nothing heavy, but the clip--from the movie "Help!, filmed in the Bahamas--is more good old fashioned summer fun at the beach.

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