Saturday, October 20, 2007


Negativland is an art collage gang from the Bay Area famous for experimental music and irreverent pokes at the powerful. They are even more famous for being sued by U2's label, Island Records, and by Kasey Kasem, over an infamous track that included ranting outtakes from "America's Top 40" played over a spoof of U2's hit song "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For," replete with kazoos.

Island Records claimed the buying public would be confused by the cover (featuring a U2 spy plane, and the name U2) and think it was buying a U2 record. Kasem felt his rant made him look foolish and unprofessional. To make a long story short, the big boys beat the little guys in court. Perhaps I'm oversimplifying the case. Read the details about Negativeland's clash with corporate rock and copyright law in this report from Deuce of Clubs.

For more about Negativland, follow this link:

To decide for yourself, click the button. Warning: this track contains language only suitable for intelligent adults in a free society. Not for kids.

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