Monday, September 17, 2007


I like Elvis. Now we might disagree, and that's all right. To my way of thinking, the high point of his career came early on, before he went into the army, when he was still making wild rock and roll at Sun Records in Memphis. Mystery Train. Baby, Let's Play House. Tryin' To Get To You. You might disagree. You might say, Nope, the high point was definitely at RCA, or Hollywood, or Las Vegas, or the 1968 Comeback Special, or hugging Tricky Dick in the White House.

The high point is arguable, but the low point is painfully obvious. Obese, miserable, chugging pills and devouring fried banana sandwiches, finally overdosing on the john. That's hard to beat for a tragic, terrible waste. Now that moment has been commemorated in a sad new candy, "Reese's Elvis Big Cup" made with chocolate, peanut butter, and banana cream. King Size, naturally. So, you want good taste? Or something that tastes good?

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