Thursday, April 15, 2010


California State University, Stanislaus students Alicia Lewis and Ashli Briggs found documents and shredded papers in a campus dumpster that included parts of a speaking contract for former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin. What did the half-term Alaska governor and current FOX News entertainer demand in her contract?

Well, for starters, how about first-class commercial air travel for two or a private jet -- "must be a Lear 60 or larger" -- from Alaska to California and back, and a one-bedroom suite and two single rooms in a deluxe hotel "registered under an alias." And two unopened bottles of still water with "bendable straws." The document did not state Palin's fee, but she has reportedly been getting as much as $100,000 per speaking gig.

"We just want to hold people accountable. This is our campus ... and unfortunately there is no way to know right now if ethical things are happening or unethical things are happening," said Ashli Briggs, a 23-year-old junior studying political science. "What we seek is transparency. We want to know what's going on."

California Attorney General Edmund Brown said Tuesday his office will look into accusations that officials at a state university violated public records laws. A state senator, San Francisco Democrat Leland Yee, asked the university to justify the expense at a time when the state is struggling financially. University officials said they had not been informed of the investigation, but claim they acted correctly and promised they will cooperate fully.

Sure, we're in a depression, and yes, college tuition has skyrocketed, but Sarah Palin says she doesn't travel this great nation for the money and Lear jets and rockstar perks--she does it because she cares about America. Or something like that. Her credibility may be at an all-time low, but it's a look that seems to work for her. According to ABC News, Palin has earned an estimated $12 million since July when she resigned as governor in mid-term.

Shame on you, Sarah, you greedy little cow.

Read the Palin contract HERE.

California State students Alicia Lewis, left, and Ashli Briggs with the documents.

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Montana said...

Almost daily we listen to her trash talk (she is in the Quayle and “W” league), all thanks to the man who now claims that he never called himself a maverick, McCain, right, tell us another. She spends her days trash talking it is only fitting that someone found a great place for her contract. You know she is a VP silver metal winner. I guess some dumpster diving found it, All’s Well That Ends Well.