Friday, July 9, 2010


We're in the middle of a hot spell, so someone must be praying to Horus, the Egyptian God of the Sun. Horus is one of the oldest deities in the Ancient Egyptian religion, and often depicted as a falcon, or a man with a falcon's head. Worshipped from the Dynastic Period through Greco-Roman times, Horus is also known as the Lord of the Sky.

A few years ago I painted a spoof of the old calendar art of dogs playing poker with gods playing poker and included Horus on the top left. You probably recognize some of the others. By the way, if you stumble upon a high stakes poker game like this I'd advise you not to buy in. (More of my artwork can be found at Bob Rini Makes Art)

"High Stakes"

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JGP said...

Too awesome. Well played, Sir.