Sunday, March 23, 2008


If you're like me, you have fond memories of Easter morning. Rabbits, who had been pretty quiet all year long, would sneak into our house and leave baskets full of candy. I know, it sounds fantastic. We'd wake up and tear through colored cellophane and grab the candy and eggs and chocolate rabbits and Peeps all nestled in the green plastic grass. Winter was over, Spring was here, and the day was chock full of symbolic harbingers of new life and birth -- eggs, chicks, bunnies. I mean no offense to your belief system, but as you may have guessed, if you are free to ponder such things, Easter predates the arrival of a certain carpenter by a long shot. Still, the story of the resurrection fits squarely at the center of the birth-rebirth theme of this springtime holiday going back to pagan times. Believe what you will -- in Jesus or Buddha or Moses or Mohammad or Krishna -- or no God whatsoever -- as long as you tread lightly and respect others. There are too many narrow-minded, venal, greedy folks using religion as an excuse for hatred and selfishness and warmongering. But you know that.

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