Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Jack White knows how to rock, as the saying goes. With his side project, The Raconteurs, he gets a fuller classic rock sound than he does with drummer/ex-wife Meg, and now he's released his new single which we present here for your perusal. I like it. With the flair he's famous for, White -- and bandmates, including Brendan Benson -- decided to release the record to fans, critics, and radio at the exact same moment. I know, this doesn't sound earthshaking, but generally artists cater to media outlets to build up some buzz. Critics want to "contextualize" music, write up some sort of guide, not unlike bloggers such as myself. God forbid, the public makes up its own mind! Anyway, there are articles all over about this, believe it or not. Check out the LA Times, for example, that begins "Jack White threw down a glove last week..."

The album is called "Consolers of the Lonely." The single is "Salute Your Solution." Try the little game below. Decide for yourself. I think it sounds pretty cool.

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