Friday, March 7, 2008


Like Christ in a tortilla, this miraculous pizza pie resembling Mickey Mouse has inspired droves of people to drop whatever they were doing and make a pizza pilgrimage.

"It's weird," says Plucky Frenesi, of Beaverton, Oregon, "I mean, it can't be a coincidence...with a shape like that. It's a sign."

"Lookit," says Mary Margaret Day, of Shreveport, LA. "This is real. He's sweating cheese. This is no random accident. God doesn't roll dice. This is intelligent designer pizza."

"I've got irritable bowel syndrome," says Owen Evora, of Hoboken, NJ. "I drove all night in an uncomfortable car wearing astronaut pants and I'm desperate. I need a miracle. I want a slice of that pie."

Sorry, believers. This pizza is real -- but it's not a sign, although it probably tastes like one. The pizza was baked in the test labs of the Disney Corporation, always busy finding new ways to spend your money. It will soon be available in your finer food shops. So next time you want some real Eyetalian pizza, Disney style, just grab a box! Tell 'em Walt sent you!


Anonymous said...

I always made Mickey Mouse pancakes -- that is, until they started charging for use of their intellectual property. Now we just make random mice.

Bob Rini said...

I used to love Mickey Mouse pancakes when I was a kid, with plenty of thick imitation maple syrup. I didn't have real maple syrup until I was twenty, probably, and it seemed thin and runny. It tasted good, but I was used to that viscous, thirty-weight Mrs. Butterworth spilling over those hotcakes and running into the overeasy eggs. Ahh!!!