Saturday, April 26, 2008


Big Brother is not always watching. Take the case of Nicholas White. The New Yorker was working on the forty-third floor of the McGraw-Hill Building at Rockefeller Center, and decided to take a smoke break. He got on an elevator -- an elevator with a security camera -- and felt a jolt. The lights flashed off and on, and the elevator stopped. White pushed the intercom, and got no response. He pushed the emergency alarm bell. Nothing. Time passed.

He was stuck on the elevator for forty-one hours.

The City of Seattle just placed cameras in all its parks. Many cities in Europe and the States are already covered with security cameras. We've come to expect less privacy and more surveillance. Do all these cameras make us safer, or nudge us closer to George Orwell?

In the case of Nicholas White, a camera didn't seem to matter one way or the other. Watch his forty-one hour ordeal on this security camera video.

For the full story from the New Yorker, click HERE.

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