Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I read the news today, oh, boy. In case you missed it, it's getting nasty on the campaign trail. As a result of winning the last eleven contests, front runner Barrack Obama has caught a load of crap from John McCain and Hillary Clinton. Well, not officially. They say they are shocked, shocked, shocked by such crap, and they show their spotless hands and smile, but I'm sure they're watching the polls to see if it worked.

At a big McCain rally in Cincinnati, the introductory speaker slammed Obama, shouting "Barack Hussein Obama" three times to stir up the crowd. Then he accused Obama of sympathizing "with world leaders who want to kill us."

Of course, the candidate distanced himself from such bad behavior.

Hillary Clinton's in a tight spot, desperate to win Ohio and Texas and losing the last eleven primaries to Obama. She needs to win, and you can't blame her. Suddenly, a photograph is circulated (by someone in her camp, according the Drudge Report) showing Obama in traditional African dress on a trip to Kenya in 2006. In the photo, Obama appears to be wearing a turban. This plays into the fear and misconception some stupid people have that Obama is a Muslim loyal to our sworn enemies.

Of course, the candidate distanced herself from such bad behavior.

It's called DISINFORMATION. The trick is getting it out there and letting it do it's damage, then playing dumb, distancing oneself from it, and taking the high moral ground. Tricky Dick Nixon called it "plausible deniability." You have your henchmen, your Watergate plumbers, your swiftboaters -- they do the deeds while you keep your hands clean. Sure, it's desperate and pathetic, but sometimes it works.

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