Sunday, February 3, 2008


In this historic newsreel from the University of Notre Dame archives, legendary coach Knute Rockne prepares his players for battle. Since it's Super Bowl Sunday, and I happen to know that key players in today's game are probably reading this blog, I thought I'd run this clip. It's historical, inspirational, and maybe even a little silly, but shut up and listen to the coach. Give him your undivided attention, or you will be running laps for the rest of the day. Do I make myself clear?

The cheatsheet for geeks: Knute Rockne is revered as a God in the football pantheon, with an incredible winning record as head coach at Notre Dame. He is considered the father of the forward pass. He introduced the "shift", with the backfield lining up in a T formation and then quickly shifting into a box formation to the left or right just as the ball was snapped, which remained a staple in the Notre Dame playbook for many years. Rockne died in a plane crash, March 31st, 1931. Pat O'Brien played him in the movie, Knute Rockne, All American (1940).


Anonymous said...

You have a typo in the last paragraph of the Knute Rockne posting. The correct date of death is March 31, 1931.

Bob Rini said...

Thanks, you are correct. Rockne died 3-31-31. I shall correct the post!