Friday, December 21, 2007


We love old classic cartoons here, and this great MGM cartoon stars the Captain and the Kids, and features Santa Claus and a scary peg-legged pirate villain. What more could you ask for?

OK, so are these the Katzenjammer Kids? Good question. That strip was created by German immigrant Rudolph Dirks in 1887, in a Sunday supplement to a paper owned by William Randolph Hearst -- the mogul model for Welles' Citizen Kane. Next to the Yellow Kid, it's probably the second oldest comic strip in the world -- and it's still in syndication!

Dirks left the Hearst organization in 1914, after two years of legal battles, and started a new strip featuring the same characters called The Captain and the Kids. The two strips competed for years, until 1979, when The Captain and the Kids ended its sixty year run. At the end, it was being illustrated by Dirk's son John.

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