Saturday, December 8, 2007


What's the matter with you? Everyone else is whistling Christmas songs and wearing holiday appliqué sweaters and blinking ornament earrings, but you act like you want to strangle an elf or something. You're sick of eight million versions of the same old Christmas songs, all that holiday muzak oozing from the heating ducts in the crowded shopping mall. Your office Christmas party is a drag, but everyone else makes nice and mingles and smiles like Martha Stewart on crack, so why can't you? Sure, they're a bunch of phonies, and you're miserable and depressed and flat broke, but cheer up! Resistance is futile! Conform. Maybe you need some professional help...but in the meantime, this is my sparkly gift to you. Here are some offbeat holiday songs to raise your spirits for the long slog ahead. These folks follow the beat of a different drummer, boy.

The Ramones, Merry Xmas (I Don't Wanna Fight)

James Brown, Go Power! at Christmas Time

Sufjan Stevens, The Worst Christmas Ever

Pearl Jam, Let Me Sleep (Christmas Time)

Neko Case, Xmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis

The White Stripes, Candy Cane Children


Anonymous said...

Great stuff puts me in the spirit. Thanks.

Tom Dougherty said...

Thanks for the holiday cheer, Bawb!

Bob Rini said...

Hey, Tom! Glad you enjoyed the Christmas music...I'm digging to find some odd holiday music, and will post some more up the road.